Maps and Directions to the site in Marble Falls, Texas.

Generally: Marble Falls is located on Hwy 281, North of San Antonio, Texas.

Directions to Sycamore Creek Ranch

Starting from Mid or South Austin, take Highway 71 North toward Llano. You will pass through the Village of Bee Caves (No bees and no caves). Continue on across the Pedernales River and through Spicewood (No spice, no wood) and continue past Double Horn Creek (No horns, not much creek. Are you starting to see a pattern here?) Continue on until you reach Highway 281. Turn right onto Highway 281 toward Marble Falls.

Once you cross the Colorado River into Marble Falls, begin counting the stoplights. (You will notice that there is a stoplight about every fifty yards through the whole town!)

The fifth stoplight you come to will be Ranch Road 1431. Turn right onto 1431 and check your odometer. It is 5.2 miles to our ranch gate.

Continue on FM 1431. This is a winding road with no shoulders. Watch for CR341 which will go off to your left at about five miles. Just past CR341, you will start up a long, winding hill. At the very crest of the hill, you will suddenly take a hard left turn into our driveway. This will be a big surprise to any vehicles tailgating you!

If you get to the part of Ranch Road 1431 that has shoulders, you have gone a bit too far.

Starting from far North Austin, Round Rock or Georgetown area, take 183 North into Cedar Park. Take a left going East on Ranch Road 1431.

Continue on FM 1431 for about 32.47 miles. This is a winding road sometimes with no shoulders. The locals tend to hang over the line in the curves and drive too fast. BE CAREFUL!

You will pass through the towns of Jonestown and Smithwick(don't blink). The gate is approximately three miles past Smithwick.

As you get near the ranch the shoulders end and the gate is on the right just after that.

At the gate.

The sign in the middle of our gate says “Doc Whitman”. Doc is our favorite neighbor and we share this gate. This gate is directly opposite CR341A and their row of mailboxes.

Be sure to close the gate. There are cattle in this pasture.

Proceed down our driveway and take the first possible right turn. You will go ¾ of a mile and cross two cattle guards before you see our green cabin ahead.You can park opposite the cabin.

Welcome to Sycamore Creek Ranch!map to site

Sycamore Creek Ranch
5828 East FM 1431
Marble Falls, Texas 78654